EK releases new EK-DuraClear transparent tubing!

EK Water Blocks, Slovenia-based premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is releasing a new lineup of transparent tubing for PC liquid cooling systems, named EK-DuraClear. It comes in all four most popular sizes, with resistance to ultraviolet radiation (UVA, UVB and UVC)!

EK-DuraClear EK-DuraClear is the most advanced liquid cooling tubing, designed and manufactured for the most demanding customers, who want to use soft tubing in their builds. The EK-DuraClear structure is formulated to enable it to perform in a wide range of closed loop cooling systems, making it the top choice for every liquid cooling enthusiast. More than 2 years in development, the goal was to create the most durable, flexible and transparent tube on the market.

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Man of Steel

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VGA: 2x Inno3D GTX 970 OC
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SSD: Transcend 2x256Gb
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